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Often we get promoted and recieve a title “manager”, but no one gives us a manual on what exactly should be done and how we should change our thinking and action patterns.

Who the program is meant for:

For soon-to-be and new managers, who need to develop their authority and create a strong basis for their work.

What you will gain:

  • Clarity about manager’s roles and responsibilities;
  • Tools to raise your efficiency;
  • A deeper understanding about yourself, as a manager;
  • Defined personal and professional goals;
  • An action plan how to work with your team and motivate them.


Technical info: The course will consist of 10 videos and 10 tasks, and a final quiz. While doing the tasks, you’ll find answers in how to set goals, manage yourself and your team, understand your employee’s motivation criteria, delegate, give feedback, lead 1:1 conversations and find out a lot about yourself while doing self-analysis tasks.

You’ll have access to the course for three months.

Bonuses: If you buy this course for your team (5+ tickets), then you’ll recieve a free 1hr Zoom Q&A session with either Ivars Juškēvics or Vilnis Brēmanis!

If you buy this course till June 16th, then you’ll gain free access to the masterclass “Team leading remotely” with Ivars Juškēvics and Vilnis Brēmanis: https://traininglab.lv/Meistarklases/komandas-vadiba-attalinati/ 

Course topics:

  • Managerial skills and personal mastery;
  • Responsibility and areas of influence;
  • Motivation – how to understand your own and other’s basic needs;
  • How to set goals;
  • How to help your employees grow;
  • Time management;
  • Delegation and giving feedback;
  • What’s the difference between a manager and a leader?


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